Monday, March 29, 2010

15 Months and 16 months

Of course I can't believe Avey Grace is 15 months old! She had her 15 month old check up the other day and she is in the 10 percentile. Dr. Raine says she is long and skinny! He was very impressed with her vocabulary, he said she is talking like an 18 month old. She said to him pointing at the computer, "what's that" he was very impressed! She is 20 lbs and 31 inches long.

She is such a busy yet laid back child. She plays good by herself, loves her babies and books. She has started to really takin an interest in ther babies. She carries a couple around with her and puts them in the stroller. She gives them lots of hugs and kisses. She takes a blanket and covers them up and every now and then she will bring me the baby to hold, but just for a second because she wants it back! She loves to dance and has started dancing when you ask her to.

16 months, she is repeating just about everything. She can count 1, 2, 3 and then says go! Says red, blue, green, please, thank you, no, mine, Clint, Papa, and duck (and quack quack). We ask her to sing and she will say laaaaa, laaaa. She has 14 teeth and one on the way. She has really started to enjoy fruit, this took awhile. I thought she would nevedr like it. She will pretty much eat anything. I haven't found anytihng she doesn't like. That's all I can think of off the top of my head and I have to make good use of time while little bit is sleeping. Off to finish laundry.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Over Spring Break we went to the Fort Worth Zoo with the Kirkland's. Avery had a great time! What came out of her mouth the whole time was of course, "What's that?" "Oooo Wow" and everything was "Kitty". It was so fun to watch her face whens he saw the animals. It was the best trip ever to the zoo seeing everything through her eyes! It was a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She is so funny!

Really gets into Baby Einstein.

Such a big girl using her fork. Loves pancakes!

Avery is the funniest child. I pretty much laugh at her all day. She has really developed a little independent attitude which is so funny and she repeats a lot of what we say. Yesterday I said, "bobo" and pointed to her bobo and she then said "bobo" and pointed to her bobo. When she takes a bath she puts her face in the water and blows bubbles and thinks it is so funny. She loves to read her books and pretend she is talking on the phone. She is doing so many new things, it seems like everyday she does something new. What she is saying these days, Mama, Dada, Mimi, kitty, cookie, baba, go, bye-bye, hi, baby,bobo, ball, uh oh, no, Caylie (her cousin), Papa, juice, and what's that. That's all I can think of right now.

I still have some catching up to do for Feb. hopefully can get that done this weekend.