Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years, Yes I am so Behind!

I had actually done these last two blogs awhile ago and forgot that I had done them. I will be adding pics tomorrow of her bday party finally. I have said so many times I am so not good at blogging.

For New Years Eve we stayed at home and hung out with Mimi, Aunti, Mia and Kathy. Daddy went to bed at 9:00 because he had to be at work at 5 am. We watched Dick Clark's Rockin NYE Party and played Cranium. Avery stayed up until about 10:30, she was so tired but did not want to miss anything. She would go, go, go if I let her.

The week before Avery's birthday party she got really sick. She was really congested, runny nose and bad cough. This was the first time she had a high fever and was really sick. She has had an ear infection before and pink eye but she acted totally fine. Her fever got up to 103 and I could not get it down past 101. So Tuesday my Mom took her to the doctor because I was working and could not get off that early. She ended up having another ear infection, which the doctor said it could have ruptured. She got some antibiotics and pain meds for her ear. I thoguht for sure things would start looking better by Wed. afternoon after two doeses of anitibiotics but Josh's Grandmother called and said her fever was still high. So I took a half day to go pick her up. She looked so pitiful! Wednesday was the worst she had looked and acted. Finally by Thursday night she started acting more like herself. We were thinking we would have to reschedule her birthday party.

TEETH, she know has 5 teethe and another on the way.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avery's Birthday

On Avery's acutal birthday 12/26 we took her to McDonald's to have her first Happy Meal and to play on the playground. She loved her french fries not to sure about the nuggets and she sucked through a straw for the first time. Finally!!!! We took her to play on the playground and she had a blast. My Mom and Josh's Mom ( KK) came along too. My Mom took Avery through the tunnels and down the big slide, she cam down with a big smile on her face. Next KK took her to go down the slide again. She was upset when we picked her up to leave.

We had her birthday party on Jan. 9. Which we were not sure would happen because Avery got really sick Sunday. She was sick all week her temp got up to 103.2 and never got below 101. Along with the fever was a bad cough and stuffy/runny nose. Thank the Lord for Grea-Grandmother who kept her for me because I had to work all week. A teacher was out all week so I was hard to get a sub for a sub. I finally called the doctor and Mom took her in on Tuesday. She had another ear infection. The doctor said it was close to rupturing. I took a half day on Wed. and stayed home with her that afternoon. Daddy was off work on Thursday thankfully, so they snuggled all day. She was so pitiful. Finally after being on anibiotics and having drops for the pain in her ears her temp went down Thursday night. So the party was on!!! Almost everyone showed up and she had a blast. Everything turned out great!!!! Josh and his Mom decorated the garage and Mama and I took care of food and the inside.


After a long busy day we finally made it home to put her toys together.

Christmas with KK and Uncle Jake
Uncle Jake
Christmas with Mimi and Granpa.

Thank you for the rocking chair Unlce Carl!

Christmas with my Mom's Family.

Having fun with cousin Brynlee!

Parade of Lights

A few weeks before Christmas we took Avery to look at the Parade of Lights in Grand Prairie. She really enjoyed them at first but towards the end she was over them and tired. It is something we will proabably do again but she will enjoy more when she is older.

Christmas Eve Josh's Mom and brother came over to exchange gifts then we went to my parent's house to have Christmas with my Mom's parents, and her brother's family. Avery had a good time playing with her cousin Brynlee, they are at the age where they can play with each other and it is so cute. She loved opening up her presents. She was really good at it! After everyone left we had Christmas with my parent's. I'm pretty sure Avery got every toy in her age range.

Christmas morning Avery woke up at her usual time 7:30, she was so cute when she walked into the living room and saw her Barbie 4-wheeler Santa got her and her stocking. She said, "oooo Wow wow". After opening our presents we got ready and went back over to my parent's house to have breakfast. We had to be over at my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Susan's house at 1:00 so Avery took a nap and we relaxed. Avery had a blast playing with all her cousins 7 out of the 9 were there and 5 of those were girls. Then we headed over to Josh's Grandparent's house to open presents. Finally we made it to our last stop at his Dad's house around 6:00 pm to have dinner and open presents.

When we finally made it home, we thought for sure Avery would fall asleep in the car but we were so wrong. She had taken a really late nap on the way to Josh's Dads so she was full of energy. So we decided to put together her play house and rearrange her room so all her new toys would fit.

Avery's first Christmas was great she for sure she is set on toys for a good while. Especially with her birthday to follow! This Christmas was great being able to see everything through her eyes. I think I almost cried a few times. Another amazing part was that we actually had snow on Christmas.