Wednesday, July 28, 2010

19 Months

I can't believe Avery is 19 months. She is talking, talking and talking a lot! Depending on the brand she can wear 6-12 month, 18 month top, 12 month bottoms. Size 4 shoe, which has been in this size forever. She has recently started saying her name, which sounds like Abey. So when asked what is your name, she points to herself and says, Abey. She can point out the letter A. She also started when I ask her where Daddy is, she says, at work or wheres is Lainey, at home. As I am blogging I am listening to her play with her baby in her kitchen and she is cracking me up Here are some of the things she is saying. So those are a few of the things.

Hot baby
Here you go baby.
Baby gink(drink)
Hello, what doing?
Here Mommy.
You ok?
pone (phone) Hello

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