Friday, February 26, 2010

1st Birthday Pictures, Finally!

Horrible picture of Avery but shows her outfit.
Mimi (My Mama)

Great Grandad (Josh's Grandad)
Granpa (my Dad) I want her to call him Papa but we will see.
Granpa Gray (Josh's Dad)
Gran (Josh's Stepmom)
KK (Josh's Mom)
Great Aunt Susan
5 out of the 8 girls (cousins). My Dad's brothers kids kids.
Great Grandmother, she keeps Avery M-W. We are so thankful for her. Avery loves gets so excited in the morning when we pull up in the morning and when I come pick her up she says hi and may or may not give me a hug and kiss. She really could care less that I am there she has so much fun at Grandmother and Grandad's house.
Love from Daddy
High five friend!
Cousin Caylie (3 yrs). Avery spends M-W with her at Grandmother's house. Avery loves Caylie, anytime she leaves the room Avery runs to find her. Caylie is really good with her but it's like having a little sister around. It is so cute to watch them interact with each other.

Loves her books!

Mmmmm not to sure about this.

She loved her cake at her 1 year pictures but at her bday party wanted nothing to do with it. I'm pretty sure she still wasn't feeling 100% yet.

Great Mimi(Mom's Mom)
My to favorite red heads!

Great Dadaw(Mom's Dad)

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Misty said...

She is so cute! It's crazy that she is 1. I love her cake!